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“I heard of Grace via word of mouth and I actually live in Manchester! Working long hours left Daisy not receiving enough exercise and subsequently she developed behavioural issues that then put me off walking her even more. My confidence was completely knocked. Daisy, 6 when I contacted Grace, had never been off her lead in public as she would knock people over and be aggressive towards other dogs. I sent her to live with Grace for a 3 week intensive course and by the end of that course Daisy had completely stopped jumping up at people, required no lead or muzzle around people or main roads and happily plays with other dogs! After witnessing Grace with my dog she convinced me I could do it too. Daisy quite often goes on holiday with Grace all over the country. Grace is very good at building both your dog’s confidence but your own too.”

Kim Metcalf


“I could not get Reggie to walk on the lead! He would just freeze as you can see in the photo. It took Grace 5 minutes to identify that he needed the aid and safety of a dog pack rather than a human one. Grace then retrieved 3 large dogs and brought them round to see Reggie. They encouraged him to walk on the lead and within seconds he was charging alongside them as if he owned the pavement! Grace taught me the importance of positive associations when teaching your dog new things. From that day onwards, Reggie’s association with the lead was so positive he knew that walking on the lead meant fun! He then went once a week for an hour session of puppy training with Grace and he’s my fantastic little brute now.”

Nina Lester

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“Henley Dog Cabins is amazing. It's not easy to find someone who is great with pets and also attuned to their owners needs.”

Reese Mathers

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“Harvey is a high energy Lab Cross Staff but due to not knowing how to control him I always kept him on a lead and by doing this I was restricting his exercise and this made him frustrated and aggressive. He has actually bitten and caused damage to others dogs resulting in stitches and I did not want to be paying more vet bills. Grace explained how I was setting him up to not succeed by attempting to train a frustrated mind. She bought Harvey a Doggy Rucksack and told me to fill it with bottles of water. Harvey needed a job and he needed to be worked. With respect to the dog aggression, being physically tired and mentally drained resulted in decreased aggression and made socialisation more feasible. Further, Grace taught me the signs to look out for before he attacks and how to snap him out of. I was under the impression his aggression just came out of nowhere when actually he gives many warning signs. In time I began intercepting his attempts to attack other dogs so that we slowly made more positive associations with meeting other dogs than negative ones. He actually began to look at me when he saw another dog, waiting for a command. I would never send Harvey anywhere else as Grace understands the attention and stimulation he requires.”

Beverley Jenkinson

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“Millie; Mastiff cross Bull Terrier needed serious help and confidence building but I was too scared to try to train her. We underestimated the effect of losing Millie’s leadership figure was having on Mill. Mill became restricted to a 10 minute run on our road in the middle of the night when no other humans or dogs were around. Grace was recommended by a family friend being described as not just a dog trainer but a dog psychologist. Grace came to us and took over an hour to get close to Mill and gain her trust she then took her for a walk to strengthen the bond. Grace sat us down and was honest with us; explained that death does effect dogs in a huge way and that all Millie was trying to do was what she felt we needed: stepping up to be the leader of the family since our original leader was not around anymore. None of us had given Mill any confidence that we were in charge and in control, so since dogs need this to be happy and balanced, Mill was simply trying to give us that leadership but failing, causing an immense amount of anxiety and frustration. We had a 2 day intensive training course, where Millie was exercised, socialised with Alf and disciplined at a time when her mind was most calm. Grace educated both myself and my family and gave us a printed action plan to refer to when Grace is not around. Millie is no longer aggressive to humans outside of the house and gets on with most dogs. When people come to the house, Millie no longer has to be locked away. Thank you Grace for not being scared of our Mill, teaching us how to be confident and assertive so people experience the lovely girl that she is.”

Emeley Mcguinn